Call For Nominations: SDHA Council

The SDHA Council may have up to 7 elected registered dental hygienists and 3 public representatives appointed by the government, serving as the council.

The Council is extending a Call for Nominations. Up to three (3) Registered Dental Hygienists who are interested in serving on the SDHA Council for a three (3) year term (2023-2026). The election to Council will occur at the AGM on March 25th , 2023, from 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM. 

If you are interested in contributing your time, talent and wisdom to the SDHA, the self-nomination process is easy:

The SDHA Council is seeking individuals who:

  • Support the goals and core values of the organization
  • Understand that council members, individually and collectively, are stewards for the organization
  • Will discuss the values underlying the actions taken in the organization
  • Value reasonable risk and innovation to further the organization
  • Will delegate the operational detail to staff
  • Embrace long-term thinking to see the big picture
  • Will participate assertively in deliberation, while respecting the opinions of others
  • Will uphold council policies and decisions

Now is a great time to consider the difference your participation could make on the SDHA Council!