SDHA CEO Position

Saskatoon, SK
Permanent Position


Position Summary:

Reporting to the SDHA Council, the position is responsible for the administration of the organization by providing strategic and operational direction and support to Council and the organization’s Committees, overseeing the operation of the administration office and staff, representing the Association to a variety of stakeholders, and ensuring the statutory responsibilities of the Dental Disciplines Act (DDA), and other applicable legislation are fulfilled.

Key Accountabilities:

The position is accountable for achieving the following leadership/organizational expectations.

Promote accountability, innovation, and creativity in the affairs of the SDHA, to further advance its purposes and serve the public interest.

Facilitating the planning and working requirements of the Associations elected Council, including:

  • Working in partnership with the Council, provide information and insight to assist Council in policy decision-making and leadership in advocating for the profession of dental hygiene as an essential service provider while working on behalf of the public to ensure their best interests are maintained.
  • Provide Council with regular, accurate, and effective monitoring information on organizational operations and achievement of organizational goals, interpret the Council’s strategic direction and high-level results goals, and transform these into realizable management initiatives.
  • Ensure that the licensing of hygienists is carried out by the registrar in accordance with legislation (as specifically set out in the Dental Disciplines Act) and provide support to members of the SDHA, including overseeing, supporting and encouraging professional development opportunities for its members.
  • Leading general management of the Associations regular and day to day administrative requirements, including financial and human resource management, developing Annual Performance Plans and reports and providing Marketing and public relations services.
  • Fostering effective working relationships by representing the SDHA to external stakeholders, including the provincial government, employers, members, educational institutions, local and national professional associations, colleges of health professionals, and the general public.

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