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Be the Best You – Corliss Rassyle

At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel proud of themselves- Be the Best You teaches five key principles that will inspire and empower you to be the best you can be and show up in a way that makes you proud.  

Through inspirational stories that bring the principles to life, Corliss will touch your heart inspiring you to be intentional in how you live your life- knowing who you are makes a difference. The lessons are practical and can be easily applied to your life, leaving you empowered to be the best you can be! 


Three Things We Get Wrong About Work & Happiness: A Post-Pandemic Wellness Awakening – William Nippard

If there’s one unified message emerging from the mounds of happiness research during and following the pandemic, it is that much of work is broken, and consequentially, employee wellness is taking a huge hit. Work stress and negative emotions are at an all time high, eight in ten workers are struggling at work, and two in ten are downright miserable.

In this 90‐minute information‐rich, motivating presentation, participants will be introduced to three of the most problematic mistakes we make in our attempts to correct work and improve happiness. Not only will participants realize the detriment of buying into these beliefs, but they’ll be presented with five clear solutions to achieving true work satisfaction and boosting wellbeing. Each practical piece of insight and direction is taken from research consensus that’s been conducted during the last four years.

 This session is eye‐opening, relevant, and packed with insightful – but not often talked about ‐ knowledge on how to live a flourishing life. It’s time to begin loving what we do each day at work and be maximally well again!

Protecting Your Practice; Liability Insurance Essentials for Dental Hygienists – BMS Canada Risk Services

How much do you know about the risks and liabilities associated with your work as a Dental Hygienist? Join BMS Canada Risk Services Ltd. as they review common claims made against Dental Hygienists and explain how a Professional Liability Insurance policy responds to protect you. Learn more about the coverage elements to consider when making decisions about which insurance policy is best for your practice circumstances.


The Synergy of 4 Pillars for Optimal Treatment of Periodontal Disease- Martha Szczepulsk

The increasing complexity of classifying and treating periodontal disease can feel overwhelming unless you have a strategic plan. The Four Pillars of Periodontal Treatment is a clinical approach that combines traditional evidence based modalities with new technology to achieve optimum clinical outcomes. These new technologies help to easily identify and monitor active periodontal disease, mitigate operator effort during debridement, while simultaneously improving the patient experience and treatment outcome. 

Scientific evidence and the new classification system have reinforced the concept that the treatment of periodontal disease is more than the mechanical removal of biofilm and calculus, and the deleterious effects of oral inflammation are not limited to the mouth. For the first time in decades, technology can assist the periodontal disease diagnosis and non surgical periodontal therapy (NSPT and complement the time honored methods of probing, radiography and debridement. It is time for dental hygienists to work smarter, not harder! Join us for this exciting look at the modern dental hygiene appointment!


Peri-Implant Therapy: Modern Maintenance Strategies- Chrissy Ford

Over the past 30 years, implantology and periodontal medicine have changed the way we think about dentistry. A surge of recent product and technical innovation has had a direct impact on the maintenance requirements and recommendations for dental implants. This program will help you answer the question: What do we really need to do to make an implant last? 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Review how to assess health and disease around dental implants 
  • Examine protocols for treating different types of implant restorations
  • Evaluate modern maintenance strategies for implants
  • Learn the most up to date home care protocols recommendations & how to improve patient home care compliance 

Dental Hygienists Need More Tools: What You Did Not Learn in Hygiene School- Kristin Yont

As dental professionals we are inundated with stress every day. Chronic stress is toxic and increases our vulnerability to hundreds of diseases. Mind-body medicine is based on the recognition of the interplay between beliefs, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviours, and relationships that can have a profound effect on the body, and vice versa. There is an ever-growing body of evidence that supports the understanding of mind-body medicine in reducing stress and increasing resiliency. Kristin will help you develop self-care tools to manage your stress, reduce medical symptoms and enhance your quality of life.  

Participants will learn: 

  •  How to recognize your personal response to stress.  
  •  Meditative techniques to help elicit the bodies natural Relaxation Response.  
  •  How to change thought patterns and emotional outlook.  
  • Techniques to improve eating, sleeping, and physical activity.

CDHA Membership Means More…- Sylvie Martel

During this session, we will review the many projects and activities that CDHA has been involved in over the past year and we will detail the upcoming ones that will impact you as a member and our profession. We will discuss our your membership investment allows CDHA to actively participate in various advocacy strategies, forums, tables of discussions that CDHA has been actively involved t of the new Canadian Dental Care Plan that is launching for vulnerable populations in 2024.

Association Chat- Member Engagement

Join us for a special Member Engagement Session designed exclusively for dental hygienists like you. Your insights, experiences, and feedback are invaluable as we embark on the journey of creating a new association committed to supporting and advancing the dental hygiene profession.

  • Be a Changemaker: Your ideas can shape the future of the dental hygiene profession. Share your thoughts on what matters most to you.
  • Collaborative Discussions: Engage in open, constructive conversations with fellow dental hygienists and association leaders.
  • Influence Association Initiatives:  Help us tailor our offerings to meet your needs and aspirations.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals who share your passion for excellence in dental hygiene practice. 

Shape Your Professional Identity:  Your participation in this session will leave a lasting impact on the future of our profession.
Your input is invaluable, and together, we can build an association that empowers, inspires, and uplifts every dental hygienist.

Optimal Solutions for Xerostomia and Oncology Patients- Terri Archibald

Xerostomia is defined as the subjective sensation of oral dryness which is now affecting up to 60% of the population. Symptoms may range from mild discomfort to acute oral manifestations that can significantly affect one’s quality of life. The diagnosis and therapeutic approaches of this condition can vary since the etiology can be multifactorial.  Learn how identify oral manifestations of dry mouth before your patient becomes symptomatic so we can best support them with oral health therapies and reduce long-term complications. 

  • Discuss why xerostomia is not simply just dry mouth
  • Assess the multifactorial etiology of xerostomia and related consequences
  • Differentiate the pathophysiology of dry mouth oral manifestations 
  • Create a management plan that includes patient education tools, lifestyle modifications, 

        and preventive measures 

  • Evaluate the current evidence for treatment guidelines on dry mouth and dental caries
  • Mitigate patients risks by Implementing Health Canada approved treatment modalities

Find Your Voice. Find Your Power -Allan Kehler

When it comes to mental health, silence has never been the answer. Understanding the power of your voice is the first step in finding true freedom. Get ready to hear Allan’s captivating story of resilience and hope. Through his message, you will learn how to share your own story, step into vulnerability, and connect to yourself and others in a more authentic way. By finding your own voice, you will be able to inspire others to find theirs.

  • Reflect on one’s mental health through an interactive quiz
  • Identify barriers that prevent people from reaching out for help
  • Examine why we respond differently towards emotional pain versus physical pain
  • Receive tools to manage stress and prevent burnout
  • Learn how to stop feeling guilty when prioritizing your wellness
  • Discover how to create an attitude of resilience