Dental Hygienist
Temporary Positions

Tempify.App is a revolutionary dental temp staffing platform designed to address the prevalent issue of staff shortages in local dental clinics. Our platform aims to facilitate seamless connections between dental professionals and clinics, ensuring a smooth workflow and high-quality patient care.

Staff shortages have been an ongoing challenge faced by dental clinics across the region. These shortages not only impact the efficiency of operations but also compromise the level of care dental clinics can provide to their patients. Recognizing the pressing need for a solution, Tempify was created with a mission to bridge the gap between dental professionals seeking temporary positions and clinics in need of skilled and reliable temporary staff.

Our main objective, as we just launched in the province of Saskatchewan, is to attract a large volume of seasoned dental professionals such as RDH, dental assistants and receptionists, as well as new graduates to create their professional profiles on Tempify, set their availability and rates and be visible to dental clinics who are actively looking to fill their temp shifts.

We strongly believe that Tempify can be an instrumental tool in alleviating the staffing strains experienced by dental clinics in Saskatchewan. As a platform committed to improving the overall dental healthcare landscape, we are dedicated to supporting both dental professionals and clinics in their endeavours, including helping dental professionals and clinics to transition into permanent opportunities due to temping.

Please find more information on our website, view available Temp Jobs and create your professional profile in minutes to join our fastest-growing dental community.